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Martin WDMX-512

Wireless DMX Martin WDMX-512

Dati Tecnici:

The new Wireless DMX-512 and Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity are the easiest way to connect remote fixtures to your DMX system within line of sight. Both devices offer a fast and easy way of connecting and setting up a lighting system, especially a system with remote fixtures or hard to get at fixtures, as no cables and expensive downtime is required.  

With the new Wireless DMX-512 and Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity your lighting fixtures no longer lie at the end of 100’s of meters of winding, tangled cable with loose connectors or riggers trying to fasten and troubleshoot on loose cables. Instead they need only sit within range of the transmitter box.

Wireless DMX-512
The Wireless DMX-512 is designed for architectural, installation and smaller event applications. It has a range of up to 200 meters (650 ft). The Wireless DMX-512 can be configured as either a transmitter or receiver.

Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity
The Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity is a 19" rackmount version ideal for the stage, studio and event market where flexibility and quick setup are key and operating distances are greater. Easily configurable from a front panel 8-button display, no PC is needed. Range is 300 meters (1000 ft) with a US version range of approximately 450 meters (1500 ft). The unit is FCC approved in the US.

Both versions operate through radio signal, via a powerful WLAN card, transmitted between the mother box and receivers. One transmitter can send to multiple receivers and access points can be used to expand the transmission distance. Parameters are effortlessly configured and WLAN channels are easy to setup.

The wireless link operates on powerful WLAN-PCMCIA cards, ensuring flexibility, low costs, instant compatibility and high performance. The receiver is tolerant of any DMX input refresh rate and automatically truncates the output to approximately 44 Hz, converting the output to standard DMX-512.

Compact and economically priced, the Wireless DMX-512 and Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity are expandable to over 512 DMX channels per receiver.

A diversity receiver ensures the unit functions with high sensitivity, allowing multiple sets to operate within the same area, using different channels to ensure no interference within the receivers and transmitter (EU 13 channel, France 4 channel, Spain 2 channel, US 11 channel). Although restricted in the above countries by law, it is possible to reconfigure each system for compatibility with the relevant frequencies – perfect for example in a touring environment.

Indicators for current channel and its signal strength, transmitter or receiver status, power and DMX, come standard. The Wireless DMX-512 has a mounting base for easy installation on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Each box can be configured as either a transmitter or a receiver, giving the most flexible set up possible, especially useful for touring events. Use as a single universe transmit and receive system, or use a single transmitter with multiple receivers for larger events.

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