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Litecraft AT10

Proiettore LED Litecraft AT10

Dati Tecnici:

18x Multicolour LEDs, RGBA, 25°, Short Nose, black

  • 18x 10 W Multicolour LEDs
  • RGBA in one lens
  • More wide colour range due to additional amber LED

The PAR 64 AT3, too, has a worthy successor. Thanks to an extensive redesign, whilst the dimensions are unchanged and the power consumption only marginally increased, the light output of the PAR 64 AT10 is double that of its predecessor. Furthermore, this model offers RGB + amber colour mixing, by which means the mixable colour spectrum has been considerably expanded.
The redesign has also brought detailed enhancements that make the PAR 64 AT10 even more user-friendly. The new Y bracket is not only compact and light but can also safely be relied on whether the fixture is suspended or used in a standing position. Inadvertent adjustment of the bracket position is no longer possible. In addition, the power cable has been replaced by PowerCon sockets with a loop-through function.
As is the case with all LITECRAFT models, this fixture boasts a two-line LCD that makes it possible for anyone to operate the device correctly without needing a user manual.



Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Costo di noleggio giornaliero: € 15
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