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Turbosound TFM300

Diffusore passivo Turbosound TFM300 | 350W RMS

Dati Tecnici:

The TFM-30 is a high specification professional bi-amped floor monitor for use in a wide variety of demanding monitoring applications.


It incorporates a custom designed 4" voice coil 15" low frequency driver and a high power 2" high frequency compression driver on a custom waveguide in a compact vented enclosure.


The TFM-300's small footprint results in a highly efficient wedge monitor package, ideal for use wherever high SPL and exceptional intelligibility is required. A low box profile is maintained, thereby improving sightlines, by mounting the HF horn alongside, rather than on top of, the low frequency driver. The HF horn pattern is 40° horizontal by 60° vertical, and is designed to give very even coverage both close to, and standing back from, the monitor while at the same time minimizing sound spillage into adjacent microphones. As a result the TFM- 300 offers impressive feedback rejection, developing high sound pressure levels without the need for excessive equalization.


The TFM-300 responds dynamically to bass instruments and kick drum, combining the deep low frequency response of a larger 2 x 15" monitor with the transient attack, presence and speed typically found in monitors using 12" LF drivers.


The TFM-300 has been designed as a symmetrical mirror-image monitor, allowing multiple units to be used on larger stages with one monitor inverted to form left and right pairs.


The cabinet is constructed from 3/4” (18mm) birch plywood, and is finished in TurboBlue™ semi-matt textured paint.



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