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Soundcraft Spirit Monitor

Mixer analogico Soundcraft Spirit Monitor | 32 input mono, 12 aux, 2 bus

Dati Tecnici:

The Monitor 2 combines all the necessities of a professional monitor desk with elegant design feature aimed at speed and clarity in use - such as Split outputs that allow easy connections to a FOH mixer without using splitter leads. And because versatility is a priority in all of the Spirit Range designs, the Monitor 2 is flexible enough to perform FOH mixing where no other mixer is available.

Available in 24, 32 and 40 channel frame sizes, Spirit Monitor 2 has twelve sends including two stereo pairs specifically for in-ear monitoring. All Monitor sends are pre-post fader switchable and, in addition, each input has a built-in mic splitter, negating the need for dedicated splitter boxes on stage.

Monitor 2 has 4 band EQ section with two mid-swept frequencies on every input, plus EQ in-out switches. Other features include a DIM Switch, alleviating feedback problems by immediately attenuating each monitor output by 6dB, two dedicated effects returns and two house mic heeds, allowing performers with in-ear monitors to hear the audience as part of their mix.


  • Monitoring in Touring, Venue and Theatre
  • Monitor plus FOH in small venues

Key Features:

  • 4-band EQ with two swept mid bands
  • 12 monitor sends with 1-8 mono and 9-12 stereo
  • UltraMic+™ preamps on all mono inputs
  • +48V phantom power switchable on all channels
  • 24, 32 and 40 channel frame sizes
  • Split Out connectors avoid the need for special cables or splitter boxes
  • Pre-EQ insert point on all mono channels
  • Dim switch cuts monitor output level by 6dB
  • Sub-grouping on channels 1-10 provides FOH mixing capability
  • Rackmountable external power supply


Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Costo di noleggio giornaliero: € 50
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